Interactive Video (IV 2.1)

It just does not get any better than this. Web browsing and online shopping will never be the same. Your clients can now interact with video to experience the web like never before!

Example #1
IV 2.1 can be used to display your product or services on a very dynamic viewing platform.

Dr. Williamson on services offered...

Pretend your new to the Raleigh, NC area and in need of a top dentist in the area. Additionally, you'd like to learn a few details about a particlar practice, maybe hear a testimonial or two, and actually meet the person who would be rendering you this particular service. Well with technology, all this and more is possible through a single information portal (IV 2.1) and from the comfort and convenience of your home. In a matter of minutes, you could be on your way to a beautiful smile that will win over new friends, co-workers, and neighbors in good old Raleigh, NC!

(Just right-click on video to see controls.)

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Example #2
IV2.1 can be used to supplement a web browser's experience to quickly and conveniently navigate to pertinent informaiton on your website.

Hiploose states the number of applications for IV2.1 are endless!!

Are you looking for ways to distinguish your business from competitors. Well, Hiploose has the winning recipe in the world of online technology. Complimenting it's already unique and effective marketing suite, IV 2.1 can prove to be the "closer" when potential clients are comparing options.